Artist Statement

I emphasize my work on the aesthetics of modern life. The themes of my work are my everyday surroundings of life and places, which mostly manifest through the people and architecture of Newcastle. Realism is my main driving force, but while maintaining this, I feel as though it very important to create mood and atmosphere through the work. I believe realism comes from connection to the viewer’s emotion as well as strong representation of a subject. I use impulsive techniques and employ a range of tools including squeegees, rollers, sponges and rags which create spontaneity and abstract application of paint. I want my cityscapes to be seen almost like a vivid dream and less like a photo realistic labored painting.

Born in 1994, Newcastle, England. I graduated Newcastle Collage with a degree in Art and Design with a specialisation in painting, and have recently completed my BA Honours in Fine Art at Falmouth University.


2018 The Biscuit Factory Foundation, Young Artist of the Year

2015, East and West, Royal Academy of Arts, China

2015, Falmouth Library, Falmouth, Cornwall 

2015, Falmouth University, End Of Year Show, Falmouth, Cornwall

Press and Publications 

2018  The Biscuit Factory Foundation, People’s Choice Young Artist of the Year

2015  Published in The Times, "Invest in the Leading Artists of Tomorrow" 



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